Mountain Bike Guide: Eureka Springs North Downhill

Eureka Springs Downhill @ Lake Leatherwood

OzTrails System in Northwest Arkansas

Lake Leatherwood downhill trail

GREEN – Beginner

BLUE – Intermediate

BLACK – Expert


Eureka Springs Downhill (North Hub)

Now that we have talked about the South Hub  let’s cover the North Hub.

As I first entered the site, from the shuttle drop off area, across from Anglers grill (A great stop for a post ride tapped local brew….with a frosty glass!) I noticed I still had a little ways to go to get to my first trail head. I entered the left trail and headed another mile to the North Hub where I would find 4 of the 7 downhill trails. There were tons of signs to guide us all in the right direction.

Eureka Springs Mountain Biking Trails

As you enter into the area of the South Hub you will be greeted with a huge sign full of information on each trail. Behind the sign you will see the stone circle structure where each of the 4 trails heads begin. You can choose to take the ramp or the stairs!

Downhill 4 – Blue

“Fast with big rock drops, chunky rock gardens, and big gaps. Mandatory Jumps, drops and steep staircases.”

Lake Leatherwood downhill #4

Lake Leatherwood Downhill Trail #4

Downhill 5- Blue
“Big rolling jumps, big ledge drops, staircases and a lot of speed. Mandatory Jumps, Mandatory Drops, steep staircases and technical rock gardens.”

OzTrails Lake Leatherwood Downhill $5

OzTrails Lake Leatherwood Downhill Trail

Eureka Springs Mountain Biking Trail

Downhill 6- Green Beginner Line
“Start here for a warm up and scenic ride!”

OzTrail Downhill trail system #6

eureka springs trail marker

eureka springs trail

Downhill 7- Double Black Diamond
“Huge Rock Drops (from the sendoff-see picture below), Large jumps, technical rock gardens, Expert mandatory drops, gaps and rock gardens”

Eureka Springs Downhill Trail #7

Eureka Springs Trail Marker

OzTrail black Diamond trail eureka springs

Each trail is a mile long and has their unique features. Please ride in your means and have fun!

OzTrails video


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