Americas Most Haunted Hotel

Bring the Kids to America’s Most Haunted Hotel: The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Are you ready to embark on a summer adventure that the whole family will remember? Look no further than the Crescent Hotel, nestled in the picturesque town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Known as America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the Crescent Hotel offers a unique experience that blends history, relaxation, and a dash of the supernatural. Come and explore this iconic destination and discover why it should be on every family’s travel bucket list.

Learn the Haunting History:

Step back in time as you delve into the fascinating history of the Crescent Hotel. Originally built in 1886, this majestic structure has seen its fair share of transformations over the years. From a luxurious resort to a women’s college and even a cancer hospital, each chapter of the hotel’s past has left its mark. Tour guides will tell you tales of spirits and ghostly encounters, adding an eerie yet thrilling dimension to your visit.  Don’t forget to visit to the midden with Baker’s bottles or to enjoy the benefit of being an overnight guest with a late night paranormal investigation.

Family Accommodations and Dining Options:

While the Crescent Hotel boasts its haunted reputation, it also offers a fun and comfortable stay for families. The rooms and suites are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a relaxing experience after a day of exploring. Take advantage of the hotel’s charming gardens, outdoor pool, and spa facilities, providing a perfect balance of ghostly encounters and relaxation for the entire family.  For dining, SkyBar Gourmet Pizza is open 11 – 11 daily and serves the best pizza in Eureka Springs and LaCena offers family-style Italian fare with large tables, sharable entrees and great desserts.  

Family-Friendly Attractions in Eureka Springs:

Beyond the haunting experiences at the Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs itself offers a host of family-friendly things to do with kids! . Enjoy a scenic trolley ride around town, or embark on an adventure at one of the nearby lakes or nature trails. Eureka Springs is a vibrant destination that offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  Here are things to do with Kids in Eureka Springs

Create Lifetime Memories:

A trip to America’s Most Haunted Hotel is not just about ghostly encounters; it’s about creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. The Crescent Hotel provides a unique backdrop for family bonding and memorable experiences. Whether it’s sharing spine-chilling stories or exploring the hotel’s mysterious corners together, your time at the Crescent Hotel will leave a lasting impression on every member of the family.  We invite you to Come Live the Legend for yourself.


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