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The Ghosts of Eureka Springs | ESP Weekend

Once the bright glow of Christmas lights descend from the rooftops back into the attic for the season, the darkness of the January nights become eerie. An excellent thing to do to warm up in the dead of winter is to run over to Eureka Springs Arkansas to hunt the dead during one of the largest ghost hunts in the United States. 2019 is an exceptionally special year, because an extra weekend has been added on to satisfy the great demand. 

These nocturnal investigations will take place at two of the town’s haunted hotels, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel for the weekends of January 4th-6th; and the 11th-13th of 2019. Each of the nights, half of the guests will take on the ghoulish adventure at each of the two locations, while switching hotels the following night.

Still not totally convinced? Here is some fascinating history for you on the hotels! The Crescent Hotel is known for the incredible amount of supernatural events that have occurred over the years. It has been the location of the Crescent College and Conservatory for young Women, the Baker Cancer Curable Hospital, and holds the current status as the most haunted hotel in America.

The other location, the Basin Park Hotel as served historically as both a fire station and a speakeasy. Come and “speak-easy” with some lingering spirits that have been hanging around since the building’s grand opening. It also sits steps away from the ancient hand-carved basin around which the city of Eureka Springs sprang up overnight (haha, get it, Eureka Springs, sprang?) The known active areas of each location will be available for investigations led by expert ghost hunters overnight, with plenty of opportunity for independent searches (if you’re feeling brave).

In case you still haven’t realized by reading this far, ESP stands for Eureka Springs Paranormal, which could also stand “Parapsychological.” Both of the guided and independent investigations will take place from midnight to dawn.

“We have our best slate of Celebrity investigators coming in 2019

What better way to spend the hours that most regular, boring humans spend asleep, am I right? But don’t worry, the wee hours of the morning are not the only times for freaky fun! During the day various hands-on activities are offered, giving conference participants the opportunity to assess their own levels of psychic ability. These activities include: individual telepathy testing; a psychomanteum (modern version of an ancient Greek “scrying” temple); a workshop in automatic writing; and readings with highly qualified psychics. There will also be special talks, videos, a book signing with noted paranormal writers and informal chats with famous tour guides. Some of the performances include a traditional Ozark storytelling event, a paranormal play and much more. So now to answer the question…are you a venturesome soul ready to undergo some paranormal excitement?

Follow your curiosities into this exhilarating world for a couple of days and book your tickets now!

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