Where to Eat with Teens

web l Welcome, to Eureka Springs! Here in Eureka Springs, we have a wide variety of restaurants, with great food, and great people! Weather it is Gourmet Italian, to classic southern grill, we have everything to fit your dining needs perfectly. Want to sit outside? There is Casa Colina. Want to eat where you sleep? There’s Basin Park. Want to eat underground?! We have Mud street café. See? Eureka Springs truly does have just about everything you could ask for in an eating experience and so, so much more! Don’t believe us still? Well come to Eureka Springs and find out for yourself!

Here are our recommended TOP TEN places for teens to eat in Downtown Eureka Springs:

1. Colossal Cupcakes & Cones (located at 101 N. Main St)

2. Mud Street Cafe (located at 22 S Main St)

3. Local Flavor Cafe (located at 71 S Main St)

4. DeVito’s Restaurant (located at 5 Center St)

5. Geraldis Restaurant (located at 61 S Main St)

6. Le Stick Nouveau (63 Spring St)

7. Funnel Cake Factory (located at 27 S Main St)

8. Brews (located at 2 Pine St)

9. Eureka Grill (located at 71 Spring St)

10.Balcony Restaurant and Bar (located at 12 Spring St)

Web s1 Crepes in Downtown Eureka Springs Web s3 See a full list of downtown restaurants at www.eurekaspringsdowntown.com

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